Saturday, July 7, 2012

My coffee doesn't want to be vegan!

My coffee refuses to convert.  It demands white sugar and half-and-half (fat free...the whole stuff tastes weird!).  It doesn't like those sugar substitutes, and won't allow soy milk/almond milk near it.  I love my coffee, and I don't want to ask it to move out, but how can I convince it to change?  It enjoys being sweet and creamy and it knows that no substitute will do what sugar/half-and-half does.

I'm open to suggestions and will continue to search the web for something that tastes as close as possible to what I'm used to but I'm not optimistic.  In the mean time my non-vegan coffee and I will continue to have our illicit relationship twice a day.  xoxo


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  2. I can completely understand this one. my coffee continues to have regular sugar and cream. I cannot change it just doesn't taste the same. I hope you find something that will work! in the meantime let this be the one thing you really enjoy as a treat every day!