Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's for desert?

Can I just say how much I completely love VegWeb?  I'd be completely lost without the amazing recipes they have posted there.  Changing your entire food lifestyle is difficult, and VegWeb has definitely made the transition a whole lot easier!

Yesterday the kiddos and I made Granola Bars and Raw Brownies guessed it...VebWeb!!

We used THIS recipe for the granola bars - I added 3/4 cups each of blueberry craisins, pomegranate craisins and sliced almonds.  I substituted almond milk for soy, agave for brown rice syrup and natural applesauce for the oil.  They really need to be refrigerated after baking so they firm up before cutting.  They were DELISH!!!  Sooo good, and I felt so much better giving the kiddos these rather than the store bought kind.

The Raw Brownies were amazing!  They were just the right amount of chocolate to curb any cravings, with no guilt from eating something bad for you!!!!  The only change I made to the recipe was we used raisins instead of dates, as the Enthusiast hates dates!!  The Adventurer asked that next time I make them I use less agave then the recipe calls for because he thought they were too sweet (what kid thinks desert is TOO sweet??  My kids are so weird!).  We also did not put the icing on the brownies.  I think next time I'll try making them without the pecans and add in some shredded coconut, or a little coconut milk.  Personally, I think with just the raisins, cocoa and the agave they would be amazing!!  They taste very similar to dark chocolate.

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